DEADWAITER - The movie

Synopsis & Production Notes

Still reeling from the murder at the grand opening of her new B & B, The Tudor Grove Inn, Katrina and the Versays are beset with yet another mystery. While making renovations, Katrina's beau, strapping Bruce Versay and his handyman, lean and lanky, Shorty, discover in the inn's sealed up dumbwaiter, a gruesome find indeed. Entombed for 30 plus years are the bodies of two human skeletons. Buried with them are the secrets of who, why and how they got there. Eventually, "Trina" learns of several other mysteries surrounding her—like the middle aged, stoic, yet lovely Alexandra who waits at the inn for her husband who never arrives; Katrina's golden couple pals: sexy, 50-something Rhiannon who meets a strange man late at night while museum director hubby, Randolph, seemingly unfazed, sleeps tight. And the dinner club chanteuse, Veronique, who has mysteriously relocated to the area, becomes extremely upset at the sight of the officiating Lieutenant Klonski. Throughout the story Katrina and partner–in–crime, lovable but irreverent, Kim, try to assist, but often hinder Lt. Klonski in solving all these puzzles. Finally—a link from the past—some clumsy and some sure-footed detective work breaks open the old case which helps solve the mystery in the dumbwaiter and those surrounding it.

Tina Czarnota is a true mystery buff and a loyal B&B inn-thusiast who loves laughter and comedy. Tina has penned two mystery novels and while doing so visualized them on screen so it would only follow that she would adapt them (her third went right to screenplay), hoping to see them on the big screen one day.

After several years of dealing with agents, publishers, editors, production companies, film market communities and the cost of mailing, supplies, copying, editing, and getting many "close-but-no-cigar" runarounds, she said, "Enough" and set out to make her own book adapted film.

Deadwaiter (PG-13), the second screenplay adapted novel in her Country Inn, Dead & Breakfast mystery series is now in production. Deadwaiter is a PG-13 mystery/comedy for fans who love B&Bs, Inns, old estates, good plotting, colorful characters, clues to follow and a taut whodunit to solve. It's a movie with an all-inclusive cast and audience appeal from young to mature—a great date flick, perhaps, in the vein of Agatha Chrisite meets Bridget Jones or Midnight In Paris, but with a mystery.

Deadwaiter would be shown in movie theaters and film competitions and any place there is a screen. It will eventually come out in DVD. Deadwaiter, the film, would benefit several groups, those being unemployed actors and talent, businesses surrounding a wide area, the bed & breakfast industry—both home and abroad, mystery bookstores, theaters and mystery buffs, far and wide. Great PG-13 mystery movies are scarce these days. Tina aspires to help fill that void.

Most major untakings have partners and backing and Tina is enlisting that assistance. Some of the funding agencies she has listed with are Indie Go Go and Kickstarter. There is also a donate option on her two websites and she is currently preparing a business proposal to reach out to product placement and certain corporations for backing and sponsoring.

Tina has funded the project so far with her books, screenplays, schooling and related investments out of her own savings and sacrifices and continues to do so. Of the folks who have assisted, she hopes to have given something back, for that's how it works. We can do this—see you at the movies!