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Murder Mystery Series by author Tina Czarnota  
About Deadwaiter Murder Mystery Book by Tina Czarnota


Deadwaiter - Tina Czarnotas second murder mystery in a series

Still reeling from the murder at the grand opening of her B&B inn, Trina is beset with yet another mystery. While making renovations, Trina learns that the inn's dumbwaiter is in fact the tomb of someone who died years ago.

Soon, Trina finds that there are several other mysteries surrounding her-- like the lovely Alexandra who keeps waiting at the inn for her husband, who never arrives; the sexy Rhiannon who meets a strange man late at night and the chanteuse at a local French restaurant who Trina observes becomes extremely upset at the appearance of Lieutenant Klonski.

Throughout the story Trina tries to solve all of these puzzles, finally realizing that there's a greater mystery in the dumbwaiter than merely an old skeleton.


COUNTRY INN, DEAD & BREAKFAST - The first book in this murder mystery series

Author Tina Czarnota
Murder Mystery Series

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