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Murder Mystery Series by author Tina Czarnota  

Authors for Animals

Authors for Animals was born from tragedy when a neglected cat brought her five kittens into our garage two days before 9-11. We were going to adopt the mom & a kitten but never had a chance as two dogs got into our yard/garage and killed the mother. She took the hit while protecting her kittens. This wouldn't have happened but because all local shelters were filled—as was our house—no one could help us by taking any of the animals.

Since then, I've started an effort where authors donate a signed copy of their book(s) to their favorite animal charity. Shelter in turn auctions/raffles books & keeps proceeds earned. No money touches author's hands, however, authors may inquire how money will be used.

Now, this initiative is not limited to authors for I've received calls asking of folks willing to donate reusable items in decent condition. I've since named this effort, Authors & Others for Animals as everyone can participate.

Authors & Others—is not mine to keep. It is a spirit to be passed on. Some examples might be—Authors and Others for Veterans, ...for the Homeless... you get the picture.

God Bless!

Honor in Office-putting integrity and honor back into politics
A bipartisan, non-denominational effort

Delta Animal Rescue.

American Humane Society


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Murder Mystery Series

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