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Murder Mystery Series by author Tina Czarnota  
About Country Inn - Dead & Breakfast Murder Mystery Series - Author: Tina Czarnota

Country Inn, Dead & Breakfast

Tina Czarnotas first murder mystery in a forthcoming series

Katrina, an attractive health buff, is a novice innkeeper who sets out to entertain the guests of her newly acquired bed & breakfast establishment. Helping her is her fiancÚ, Bruce, and his parents, Song and the ornery, Tim Versay. Joining them for a visit is Katrina's niece and her boyfriend.

Hours into the first day of operation, Mindy, a guest, is murdered. Katrina realizes that she has welcomed a killer to her supposedly idyllic country inn... or did she? Perhaps the murderer is one of her own, residing under the same roof, or worse, sharing the same bed.

Suspicious of everyone, Katrina begins searching for clues. She eventually dismisses the idea that Bruce would be capable of murder, but considers everyone else. She soon entertains the idea that Mindy wasn't even the intended victim--it was her future father-in-law, Tim. While realizing that Tim can certainly irritate people with his orneriness, she wonders who would want to kill him. Between dodging Tim's barbs, chasing ghouls, matching wits with a relentless, sexy reporter who wishes to destroy the inn for her own purposes, and playing hostess, Katrina guards her independence—all this on top of trying to solve the mystery.

With the inn's future at stake, Katrina tries to assist the no-nonsense Lieutenant Klonski in his investigation, unaware that she is one of his prime suspects.


DEADWAITER - The second book in this murder mystery series

Author Tina Czarnota
Murder Mystery Series

© Tina Czarnota, All rights reserved